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Agrofeed Ltd is a dynamically growing company in the field of animal food supplements, which since its establishment in 2006 has managed to consolidate its position in the market.


Since 2017, implementing ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System
and ISO 22000:2018, is located in its new, privately owned facilities in the west
of Thessaloniki and having modernized its production line, is
able to provide its partners with the same quality products, faster
and at more competitive prices, which is the main advantage
against the competition.

In addition, from 2022, Agrofeed is the only company in Greece, in the field of animal feed supplements, certified according to GMP+.

GMP+ is a globally recognized certification for feed safety management in industry.

More specifically, GMP+ means “Good Manufacturing Practice” and is a quality standard for feed producers.

The standard is based on two main sections:

– Feed Safety Assurance (FSA)

– Feed Responsibility Assurance (FRA)

But the importance of GMP+ does not stop here, as it not only ensures the safety of the animals, but also of the people who in turn consume these animal products.

This fact makes Agrofeed able to promote transparency and assure its partners that its products are safe and of high quality.

Our Goals

High quality products

Production of high quality products, designed to meet the highest quality standards of the European and International market.

Modern equipment

The continuous investment in modern production equipment, pursuing a strongly development strategy.

International markets

High quality, flexible and reliable service to European and International market.

The executives of Agrofeed, having many years of experience in the field of animal feed supplements, set as a primary goal the satisfaction of the customer and the creation of stable and long-term collaborations.

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