Improve the nutrition of your livestock with Agrofeed Blocks.


Sea salt is essential in a well-balanced ration. Animals too need vitamins and minerals in their daily food supply. Sodium and chloride must not be lacking. Sodium is important for the functioning of the central nervous system, Chloride regulates the balance between acids and bases in the stomach. Together these two essential nutrients keep the fluid balance at the right level and your livestock healthy and productive.

It is advisable to opt for sea salt because this type of salt also contains additional essential minerals and trace elements.

Coming from a country that is known for the abundance in Sea Salt, Agrofeed is leading in the field of animal feed supplements, having highly satisfied customers all over the world.

You can either choose from the variety of Agrofeed’s standard line of products, or make your own synthesis and AgroFeed can produce a custom-made product that fits exactly your needs.

Enhance your animals’ nutrition and improve their productivity with Agrofeed’s products such as licking blocks that come with the best cohesion in the market and water resistant composition that never falls apart, premixes and milk replacers.

High quality products

Producing high quality products using excellent raw materials is our fundamental value.

Greek market

Immediate, efficient and reliable service of our partners with the aim of creating stable and long-term collaborations.

International market

From 2006 until today we serve partners in more than 20 countries worldwide.

Modern equipment

Continuous investment in the modernization of our production lines.


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