OxyDeep Clean

Proper disinfection of the entire milking system is crucial to ensure the proper and efficient operation of the machinery, to prevent diseases in the livestock of the livestock unit and to ensure the good quality of the milk produced. Agrofeed’s new line of cleaning products, AlcaDeep Clean and OxyDeep Clean, is designed to meet the needs of the breeder.

Strong alkaline liquid for cleaning & disinfecting the milking parlor

Agrofeed OxyDeep Clean is a powerful acidic cleaning and disinfecting liquid for milking systems, which in combination with AlcaDeep Clean ensures the removal of lactose residues and salts created by the hardness of the water. At the same time removes fat, bacteria, minerals and protein residues from the milking parlor, transport containers and ice bucket



<<5% : Chlorine-based bleaching agents, Phosphates.
For more effective results it is recommended to use it alternately with the acidic cleaning fluid AlcaDeep Clean.


Plastic container 23kg


Instructions for Proper Use of the Product:

Solution 0,5%. 250ml in 50Lt of water.
1. After emptying the milk storage tank, rinse it with clean cold water to remove any milk residue.

2. In 50Lt of hot water (55oC – 70oC) dissolve 250ml of OxyDeep Clean and leave it
solution to be recycled in the basin for 15-20 minutes. After recycling, rinse with plenty of clean water and discard the solution.

Hazard Statements:

    CAUTION contains Nitric Acid.
  • Always keep out of the reach of children
  • Always follow the personal protective equipment and precautionary instructions on the label.
  • Store in a shady and cool place.
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